Smiles & Purrs' Veterinary Expenses
Donation Fund

I had a humbling moment when I met a homeless man and his 16 year old Chihuahua who has arthritis. He was a kind man and I got the impression his situation had started fairly recently. It left me heartbroken and on the drive home, I was trying to think of how I could maybe help this man and his dog. It gave me the idea to start a fund to help the homeless and low-income residents of Carroll County pay for their pets' veterinary care. Vet bills can be costly! Even routine checkups can add up and then there are those moments every pet parent fears - emergency vet care. In today's economic environment, it's getting harder and harder for people to have money to save, to set aside for just such emergencies. 

This fund is not yet a 501c3 but it will have total transparency. The PayPal button below links to an account I just opened specifically for this fund to maintain complete division between it and Smiles & Purrs. At no time will these funds be used for anything but helping local residents of Carroll County. Each month, I will post a summary of the funds spent and how they were used, as well as the financial statement for the account so everyone donating can be ensured their money is being used for its intent. 

If this fund proves unsuccessful for any reason and the idea disbands, all money in the fund will be distributed among local animal rescues and shelters. Statements for that too will be posted.  

This will be slow to grow, I'm sure and the help we'll be able to give will be small in the beginning, but my hope is for this to become a thriving means of assistance to those in need. 

If Smiles & Purrs can be a part in helping even one pet receive medical care they might not otherwise receive, it'll be a worthy endeavor.

Funds will be used to assist with veterinary bills up to $5000 and residents wishing to receive assistance must make $25,000 or less a year, for now. 

Until our own financial security is ensured, I can't promise to match donations although that's my goal. Smiles & Purrs will donate to the fund as it can. I'll provide transport for pets to and from residents' homes to the veterinary office providing the pet poses no risk of aggression. 

All of us at Smiles & Purrs hope for every animal to be healthy, safe, and loved. 

- Sara


September 2019 statement for the veterinary fund. As always, if anyone has questions, never hesitate to reach out and ask. Transparency is key. 


I am so happy to announce the Smiles & Purrs Veterinary Fund has found its first pup to help! Sweet Spencer suffers from a yet diagnosed skin issue as well as urinary issues. His mom is a sweet lady but like so many, faces the difficulty of affording veterinary care with limited income. She rescued him from a horrible situation of being kept in a crate for 12+ hours a day and he's in a happy home with her. We have an appointment at Rolling Hills Animal Hospital on Friday the 23rd at 5pm and I can't wait until I can post after pics and announce his improvement! - Sara